Shopper Research

There is a lot of research done on shopper marketing globally.  Some of it basic and others more advanced. I’ve listed below two sections on shopper research/whitepapers which should give you a strong understanding of this marketing discipline.  Come back regular as I will be updating it periodically. Basic Shopper Marketing Knowledge:

  • 2007 GMA/Deloitte Shopper Marketing study, “Shopper Marketing: Capturing a Shopper’s Mind, Heart and Wallet,” which describes the promise of shopper marketing and early efforts to realign resources to support the concept. Somewhat dated (2007) but good basic understanding of the underpinnings of shopper marketing. LINK
  • The 2008 GMA/Deloitte Shopper Marketing study focuses on the shopper marketing experiences and lessons learned at many retailers and consumer products manufacturers across North America. This study captures the experiences of retailers and consumer goods companies, pointing out ways to avoid the pitfalls and to become effective at shopper marketing. In completing the research, the GMA/Deloitte team paid particular attention to:
    – Defining and exploring effective models of collaboration
    – Testing linkages between strategy and company deployment and activation models
    – Understanding how retailers, manufacturers and other stakeholders define and measure success LINK
  • Shopper Marketing 5.0: Creating Value with Shopper Solutions. Another more current GMA & Booz & Co study (2011) which answers the question of where do we stand in the evolution of shopper marketing? How is it evolving as a discipline, and where are the greatest opportunities to drive value for building brands and enhancing sales growth? How do I develop the capabilities required to become a leader? These are some of the questions that the fifth annual Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) shopper marketing study seeks to help answer. LINK
  • 2014 Winning the Zero Moment of Truth in Asia. ZMOT plays a major (and growing) role in CPG shopping in Asia. It offers a tremendous new way for marketers to reach shoppers and the public at large. Google commissioned a major study with research firm TNS to learn more about ZMOT moments for the CPG industry in Asia. TNS talked to 8,000+ female shoppers across 8 different Asian markets: China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. The results show which sources most influence buying decisions in 6 categories of consumer packaged goods. We share those results for the first time in a book we’ve created called “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth in Asia”.  LINK
  • 2014 Guide to Providers of Retail and Shopper Insights from Shopper Marketing Magazine.  Useful guide but US centric.  It’s a good insight to what agencies are providing assuming this is what clients are looking for.  LINK

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