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June 10

US retail giant Walmart launches flagship online store on | South China Morning Post

What China Reveals About the Future of Shopping

March 31

Winning Omni-Channel Shoppers in Thier Micro Moments. 

Good read on those, “micro-moments—intent-driven I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy moments.”  Considering the explosion of smartphone ownership and the increasingly easy mobile online purchasing experience, it’s no wonder that the impetus to purchase in a micro-moment is a natural habit.

Health and Beauty Sees Big Increase in Mcommerce Transaction 

February 27

Check out P&G’s New CEO is Unhappy About China on

Crest nailed this in China so curious why other brands didn’t follow suit.

RetailWire Discussion: Is there any stopping Aldi as it makes SoCal move?

Walmart Online Focus After Earnings

POP Displays Grabbing Brick-and-Mortar Consumer’s Attention |

You need to know these 33 shocking Walmart & Shopper Marketing facts | Benjamin Brooks | LinkedIn

Some interesting data on Walmart as well as basic shopper marketing research.

February 13 Are Retailers Providing a Consistent Omnichannel Experience?

February 12

What’s Next in Retail Shopping?

Westfield has launched a new report – ‘How We Shop Now: What’s Next?,’ which unveils the five key trends that will shape tomorrow’s retail industry. The future retail report draws on interviews with leading experts over 13,000 people across the UK and USA to show how emerging consumer trends will shape future stores.  

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